The Brand new cryptocurrency exchange with 100% useful utility token

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Cryptocurrency exchange with loss compensation and profit distribution between GZA token holders.

A brand new cryptocurrency exchange with daily profit distribution between GZA token holders and compensation of losses during trading. Economic model developed by our experts and calculated to the last detail, will be able to return you almost all your losses, up to 100%. creates the necessary conditions for transparency, convenience and simplicity with minimal risks for traders. With the risks associated with trading are decreasing, allowing traders to save finances in case of errors. Asset management also available for cryptocurrecy newbies who doesn't have trading knowledge.

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GZA Token Mechanism

Token Name: Gozacoin

Token Symbol: GZA

Platform: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC 20

Price of One GZA During Pre-ICO = 0.30 USD

Price of One GZA During the ICO = 0.75 USD

Minimum to Buy = 10 GZA

Payment Method: BTC, ETH, Paypal & PM.

Minimum Goal: 5 000 000 USD

Hard Cap: 20 000 000 USD

All unsold GZA tokens will be burned after the ICO.


Instruments for the automatization

of cryptocurrency trade strategies and portfolio management.

Portfolio creation mechanism

which allows experienced investors (or funds) to create their cryptocurrency and ICO portfolios on the platform, and any (even the most inexperienced) investors to join a portfolio with his funds in just a few clicks.


Individual will have access to create as many as possible wallets on our platform which is secure and useful without 3rd party intervention

Universal portfolio rating

that is created automatically through saved and verified Blockchain information regarding portfolio earnings

Individual cryptoasset management mechanism

that allows professional traders to cater to large investors individually.

Voting system for adding cryptocurrencies and ICO

which allows only community and trader verified authentic cryptocurrencies and ICO's to be added to the platform. It protects platform users from scams.

The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

which will replace centralized services and will allow assets to be controlled transparently, and with absolute security in the future.

Mechanism for simultaneous trading on multiple exchanges

through a single interface, which guarantees asset liquidity in portfolios.

Gazellefund Road Map

Without careful planning and understanding of the overall concept of the project, it is difficult to pay in life. That is why we are seriously approaching every stage of the project development.

Q4 2017
Begin development of GazelleFund application on Blockchain 3.0
Q1 2018
Development of Blockchain Smart Contract with proper code audit by our professionals and analysts
Q2 2018
Secured capture facility for initial performances
Q3 2018
Integrate our off-chain solution for micro-transactions
Q4 2018
ICO - Private Sales, Pre-ICO and Main-ICO
Q1 2019
Distribution of Gozacoin to investors and listing on our partner exchange
Q2 2019
Implementation of Gazellefund on mobile applications for exchange and trade on the go

About Gazellefund Partners

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Meet Gozacoin Team Members and Advisors

The Gazellefund team is led by innovators in software development, marketing, entrepreneurship and blockchain engineers.

UI Designer

Tradey Mike

CEO & Founder Over thirty years’ experience in technology and analytics in financial services AI/machine learning practitioner with real-word experience in predicting human behaviour Deep experience in management consulting, startups and large technology companies Led the Cloud Computing business at Microsoft Asia-Pacific

UI Designer

John Dahome

Chief Technology Officer Twenty-five years’ experience in technology Managed large scale deployment of enterprise solutions on IBM, Lenovo and SAP Expert in Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Software, Servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Storage, Cloud and Product Lifecycle Management Created and delivered training for hundreds of HP staff for solution sales

UI Designer

Tronner Higys

Chief Compliance Office & Legal Advisor: Twenty years’ experience in international and business law, policy-making and government relations Over twelve years’ experience in regulatory compliance for banks Subject matter expert in business law, governance, ethics and regulations RegTech product design

UI Designer

Samuel Davidson

Chief Technology Officer Serial entrepreneur and self-taught hacker with 17+ years of experience building innovative software and leading high-performance engineering teams at companies like Microsoft, Accenture and American Express. Elmer leads Gazellefund’s blockchain initiatives.

UI Designer

Andrey Ronkson

Product Manager Over 12 years of experience in business marketing, project management and product development with a passion to help entrepreneurs bring their visions to life. Steven has managed software development projects with tech companies worldwide and continues to manage the design, development and delivery of all Gazellefund products including blockchain, mobile and web. Lifelong musician with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing, plays guitar for the band OddHeart and is the Creative Director of his own digital media production studio that helps artists and musicians grow their brands.

UI Designer

Lenty Moore

ICO Advisor: Lanty is an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. Due to the combination of his previous experience in both marketing strategy and web development, he has quickly progressed in this space as an ICO advisor on several projects. Lance has experience in delivering the full stack A-Z of services that assist in a successful campaign for tokenized fundraising.

UI Designer

Lanre Murali

Blockchain Advisor: Lanre is the Founder of, a full-service management consultancy for Blockchain & Blockchain-enabled companies - specialising in fundraising through ICOs. Dean has spent the last 13+ years helping traditional technology startups to go from idea to funding or acquisition. Dean’s experience includes business strategy, internal governance, technology & product positioning to enable growth.

UI Designer

Ivanovic Sultan

Chief Accountant: Ivanovic is a charted accountant from University of Illinois and has worked with different organization including but not limited to blockchain industries. His experience in fintech can not be over emphasized.

UI Designer

Missipila Doyes

Blockchain Developer: Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer and Blockchain Developer. He considers this technology the language of a more transparent society.

UI Designer

Guarey Dion

Global Marketer: Dion has experience in Media Marketing and has led several of marketing teams in the blockchain industries to accomplish their mission. She is currently leading our team of regional marketers based on her experience and expertise.

UI Designer

Susan Guahzchi

Susan serves as HR & Learning Programs Associate at Gazellefund, where she helps manage Gazellefund' training events, as well as provide administrative support to the Human Resources program.

UI Designer

Petter Paula

Full-Stack Developer: A Developer, with experience in both client and server side programming, development of apps in JAVA and PHP.

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